Monday, April 30, 2012

Mixing it Up

Mike at his mixing station.

While installing, mike uses tape so the piece doesn't sag or move while it's where we want it to stay.

Cleaning out the mortar that has come through our newly installed pieces.

The crate has functioned as a "back buttering" table, a lunch table and a work space for cutting the top line.

End of day seven!

The Lone Star

Even the back of the piece looks good.

It looked like it was going to rain but we've been very lucky avoiding it.

End of day six!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Days in the Country

Our neighbors at the work site

Today we are continuing with the fixes...

Since we`ve reached the stairs, we have to cut the panel to fit.

End of day five!


We installed 7 panels and now have to clean around all the edges for the panels that go above them.

Just doing a few fixes next to an electrician fiixing the mural's lights.

Cleaning out some of the mortar that comes through during installation.

End of day four!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Cultural Gateway to the American West

Our work site is the new water filtration plant of Fort Worth

The mosaic is going on this wall, the entrance to the new facility.

We prepare the wall for installation by taping off the edges and scraping down the wall.

We installed the first three panels in the late afternoon, thinking the shade would help keep the mortar fresh longer but it was still 30 degrees out.

The mortar dries up too fast to continue so we clean the edges well and prepare to install very early tomorrow morning, when it will be cooler out and the wall will have had all night to cool off.

End of day one!

Waiting for the Sun to Rise

It gets too hot by 9am for our setting materials so we get to work as early as possible, which means sunrise.
Everyone keeps telling us 96 degrees is not even hot (for Texas)!

Our first three panels are installed while the wall is still cool and the mortar works best.

It's not as hot out as it will get but it still helps to wet the wall so the moisture in the mortar does not get absorbed immediately.

We will install some of the top row tomorrow so we cut our piece to fit.

We have already started peeling, cleaning out the mortar and replacing any pieces necessary. 

End of day two!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day Three

Another beautiful Fort Worth sunrise.

Julie Lazarus on her second visit to the site and again, she brought lots of treats!

We installed 3 panels on the top row in the early morning and could peel the tape before the afternoon

End of day three!